Saturday, January 06, 2007

Former CCU Prez Geary to Run for KY Governor?

Could former CCU President Ron Geary be the Democratic Party's candidate for governor in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 2007?

The former nursing home executive and current gambling entrepreneur appears to be leaving the door wide open.

The Henderson, KY Gleaner reports that Geary won't exclude a run but would prefer to back a candidate who would support a green light on casino gambling at Kentucky's horse tracks. He also claims to be getting lots of encouragement to run from retired KY governors. The story likewise notes rumors that Geary has paid for some polling and got his financial house in order for a run.

The deadline for candidates to file is January 31, so we'll know soon enough.

SWNID notes that Geary's advocacy for legalized gambling puts him on the opposite side of the one political issue on which the religious right and left are in full agreement: that gambling is bad for everyone. Geary, however, has always been a "businessman," it seems, and will certainly campaign as such, not as a former Christian college president, if he decides to run.

Place your bets!

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