Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Press Conference with the Hero

Knowing that some of our gentle readers have accepted the grim responsibility to protect the general welfare and safety of others with the threat of deadly force, we point out the impressive press conference with Jeanne Assam, the security guard who neutralized the shooter at New Life Church of Colorado Springs.

Feel free to proceed with discussion as to the awful necessity of law enforcement using deadly force, the somber wisdom of concealed carry, the solemn inescapability of just war, or related topics. We stand aloof, as the matter is by now self evident.


Guy named Courtney said...

I am happy to see that this guy was taken down, but after reading the article, I come back to the same question I face here. How can we one hand say that "God guided me and protected me" and yet He allowed all those other people to die. I have that same problem here, perhaps my faith is still in too a fragile state to address this properly. It just bugs me to hear people say that.

Bryan D said...

. . . Or at least by labeling it "self-evident" you release yourself from the tiresome task of providing an argument. The other fortunate consequence is that you can classify yourself the moral and intellectual superior of anyone who does undertake such a discussion. Nice, I like it.


Anonymous said...

If it were so self-evident, the gun banners wouldn't be saying "see, we need to ban guns."

It's only self-evident if you aren't blinded by ideology and naive enough to believe that banning guns will reduce violence or even guns.