Monday, August 04, 2008

First Baptist Church of Dallas Versus Criswell College

The Dallas Morning News reports that Criswell College's president has gone public with a feud between the college and the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, who by charter is chancellor of the college. The issue is whether college assets can be transferred to the church for a building program. The church's pastor insists that nothing of the kind is afoot.

And so it goes.

Such affairs depress SWNID. Glad that we are not a Baptist and do not serve a college with enough financial assets for anyone to lobby for a transfer, we are still overwhelmingly sad that the predominant mode of Christian behavior still tends to be Corinthian.

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steve-o said...

Having read the book written by Joel Gregory [Criswell's failed pulpit successor], I've been somewhat fascinated by First Baptist and its role in Dallas. This past winter, when I was in town for a conference, I made sure to stop by the church to see it for myself.

FBC Dallas is still an urban congregation, nestled in some of the most expensive real estate in all of Dallas. More than a decade ago, they probably couldn't even imagine expansion, but the new generation of yuppies moving downtown are probably pushing them towards reclaiming the college's assets.

Despite Jeffress' refuting these claims, I would be shocked if Criswell College survived.