Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Someone Who Can Look into the Camera and Make Sense Without Sounding like He's Angry?

Here's a bit of Tim Pawlenty objecting to ObamaCare. We like (a) how he makes his objections highly understandable without dumbing-down; (b) how as a conservative he sounds warm but not patronizing; (c) how he deftly avoids the personal politics in favor of issue politics. We are less than pleased with his articulation of policy alternatives (headed in the right direction but not addressing the real issue of reforming health care financing so that the consumer understands and evaluates the real costs and so benefits directly from efficiencies).

But one can "hope" for actual "change" when one hears such as this:

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Chief Grinder said...

Well done by the Gov...and one of the few times I was able to watch Fox News without immediately vomiting