Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coolidge Love Keeps Growing

Cato Institute blogger Daniel J. Mitchell has jumped on the Coolidge bandwagon, under the benevolent influence of Coolidge biographer Amity Shlaes. Mitchell goes so far as to suggest that Coolidge was the greatest President of the 20th century, no empty boast, in our view.

And Mitchell notes the timeliness of this artifact, the first-ever sound film made of an American President:

Adjust for scale and you have today's political debate and its clear resolution.


JB in CA said...

This is a great film clip. I had no idea Coolidge was the first to make a talkie. And judging by his performance, I wonder if he ever considered a career the exciting field of entertainment?

JB in CA said...

Well, it would have been funnier if I had put an "in" between "career" and "the". I've been told that humor works better when people can actually understand what you're saying.

Rafael said...

I was unimpressed by Coolidge's over-reliance on the primitive teleprompter.

JB in CA said...

Good point, Rafael. Can you imagine if he had started a program to raise school standards. They'd have to call it "No Child Left Awake".