Saturday, February 26, 2011

Advice on Foolishness

Occasionally we find an essay that prompts the thought, "Wish SWNID had written that!"

Here is one.

Fuller Theological Seminary's Christopher Hays advises on the proverbial folly of answering fools. Read this piece by the journalist-turned-OT-prof for such gems as:

A thought experiment: Imagine if every Christian leader who was invited to comment on the next Dan Brown book simply said, "Why are you calling about this? You know his books are fictional, they're boring to anyone informed, and they're kind of poorly written." No facts, no offense taken—no story.


Another thought experiment: Imagine if a journalist called a Christian leader to ask about Brown's latest Rome-based conspiracy theory, and the leader said, "That's a pretty tame theory. The Bible's own conspiracy theory is much wilder. It says that God is plotting to overthrow every worldly power and establish his own rule once and for all. And the entire Christian church is in on it."

Sound advice, that. The scorn of indifference is powerful, almost as much as confidence in one's own message.

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