Saturday, September 17, 2011

Killing Us Softly

The SWNIDish political philosophy is negatively epitomized in the twin aphorisms, "Pacifism kills," and "Socialism impoverishes."

Today we approve of an exposition, only slightly longer, of the first aphorism.

At the indispensable First Things, Michael Cantarino offers "The Painful Naivete of Pacifism."

Indeed! Call it "deadly naivete" if you care to be direct.

Cantarino briefly and provocatively lays out the best reasons not to regard pacifist cant as a thoughtful application of Christian principles.

We wish things were different in this regard, but they aren't.


Thaudit said...


Thaudit said...

But to fight for societal improvement apart from conversions just won't do either. That's just silly Common Grace.
Seeking the conversion of an individual while helping with temporal needs is the religion/worship of the New Testament-Never one apart from the other. But in the order of precedent, conversion efforts get priority, right?