Tuesday, April 03, 2012

SMH for BHO. Or, Is Social Darwinism Worse than Socialism?

Republicans have made our political discourse toxic.

How? By proposing policies that Democrats oppose.

Today, the Leader of the Free World said that the budget proposal from the Republican chair of the House Budget Committee amounts to "social Darwinism."

That for offering that a tax increase on "millionaires" that would add only about a billion dollars of federal revenue--with static budget scoring--is not worth the hit to economic growth that it likely would entail. That for offering that a Medicare program that is set to run out of money before SWNID retires ought not to be perpetuated in its present state, "as we know it," but redesigned with greater support for needier retirees and with more choice and competition to hold down the growth of medical costs. That for suggesting that since people live longer and stay healthier, they ought to retire a few months later.

Really. He said this.

We recall the charge of social Darwinism against Baroness Thatcher back in the day. Really, it didn't work. A plurality of British subjects realized that a little less of the welfare state led to better public welfare. In the end, the Thatcherite Tory majority was only overturned when the opposition party became a parallel version of the Conservatives, saying that they could do conservatism better.

In the meantime, Mr. Obama's budget got exactly as many votes from Democrats in the House as did Mr. Ryan's, which is to say none. At least Republicans voted for the Ryan budget. So far in the Obama administration, even when both houses were under his party's control, and with the Senate for a time, even enjoying a fillibuster-proof Democratic majority, the Federal Government has had not one budget. Not one. So much for Presidential leadership.

Republicans are fond of accusing Democrats of socialism. Really, of course, it's a matter of degree. But at this stage, Democrats led by their President are committed to spending 25% of GDP on Federal Government entitlements and expenditures while raising the percentage of GDP collected as Federal taxes maybe to 18%. Forgive our SWNIDish self if we find that problematic. So much for Presidential leadership.

Of course it's fiscally problematic. But it's also politically problematic. Democrats presently assume that Americans are fools, mathematical imbeciles, who are pliant objects of demagoguery. So much for Presidential leadership.

That's why we're voting for the rich Mormon in November. He's a flip-flopping goof, but at least he can add.

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KevinAK said...

Barack Hussein Obama thanks you for helping him win a secon term with your Romney vote.