Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Electoral Guide Update

ITEM: We urgently update our previous endorsements to note that CPS school board candidate Chris McDowell does indeed have a web site, located here. Mr. McDowell phoned us to leave the message.

We commend him as a reader of this highly influential blog, even if such reading is prompted only by Google Blog Alerts.

We also urge the League of Women Voters to get its thing together and list all candidates' web sites on their avowedly nonpartisan voters' guide web site.

ITEM: Where does Mayor Mark Mallory dine on Election Day? For breakfast, he dines at the Queensgate Frisch's. Enjoying a meal there with a visiting missionary of significant impact, we spied the mayor making his entrance, later sharing some pleasant, neighborly conversation as we exited. Those who infer from his assignment of a police body guard that the Mayor travels with an entourage are simply goofy. Entering with two associates, he walked through a restaurant where he was clearly accepted as ordinary by the serving staff, altogether unheralded, un guarded and unconcerned.


KevinAK said...

I could care less what Mr. Mallory did on election. Regretably the people of Cincinnati were duped into relecting this buffoon.
The is an unecessary waste of taxpayer money and has to go.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you might have a career as a gossip columnist!