Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Why Is Tonight Different from All Other Nights?

For a range of conservative punditry on today's extremely off-year elections, we recommend NRO's symposium.

The consensus: conservatives will mostly win, demonstrating the backlash against Big Government and a return to core conservative values.

The advice: Rs need to be conservatives but remain big-tent conservatives.

The likely buzz: mainstream media will either ignore conservative victories or see them as problematic for the GOP, constraining the party from moving left where it ought to be. Such is demonstrable nonsense.

Our meta-punditry: the United States remains an inherently conservative nation that occasionally flirts with the Left. Why? The Left appealingly addresses objectives sought by all people while providing means that semmingly bypass the hard stuff. But after the flirtation, cold reality takes hold and restores the notion that virtuous means are needed to achieve virtuous ends. We have our flirtations, but in the end we come back home.


Tom_KY | Member of Dr. Weatherly Fan Club! said...

What was the 2008 elections a "backlash" against, if this one is about big government? Under "conservative" rule - and I use that term laughingly - we had:
1. The largest expansion of the government bureaucracy with the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Defense
2. Largest expansion of entitlements
3. The largest expansion of governmental powers over personal freedom - tapping phones sounds like flag-draped Americana to me...
4. The Department of Education - a department that conservatives opined that they would eliminate if given the chance - had their budget increased by 101%
5. President Bush said that the "free market has failed" and government had to intervene in the financial and automobile sectors, leaving it on the Obama admin's plate to figure out instead of letting those industries fail spectacularly

Other than that, we need to get the Dems out of office!!!

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

And with all that, Dubya was still much more conservative than his successor, our present POTUS. Case made by Dr. Martin, whom we thank!