Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Kinds of Political Liars

Republican Congressman Mark Souder resigned after admitting an extramarital affair. As we have observed before, Rs who cheat have to resign. Those who don't end up as pathetic lame-duck laughingstocks (see Sanford, Mark).

Meanwhile, Democrat Richard Blumenthal has been habitually "misstating" his military record, clearly implying service in Vietnam though he was only a stateside reservist. He remains a candidate and shows no signs of dropping out. This, of course, makes him something like the unnatural love child of John Kerry and John Edwards.

We say yet again: all politicians are dogs, yet one party's dogs are rather more dependable than the other's. With all its failings, the GOP at least likes to pretend it has standards. Since there are only two viable choices, and since political choices are always between evils, we choose the Party of the Lesser Evil.

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