Wednesday, July 07, 2010

First Ever: SWNID Agrees with Sherrod Brown Vote

SWNID finds Senator Sherrod Brown (D-SEIU) among the most vapid and cynical of his vapid and cynical political tribe.

We therefore note with some surprise that he is casting a vote for which we heartily agree: Joey Votto for National League All-Star.

We do, however, wonder why Sen. Brown finds it necessary to appear personally at Great American Ball Park to do so. Surely as a politician he knows that absentee votes and multiple votes are more potent than in-person votes, the very thing that MLB's online-voting provision enables. Does the cynical Senator believe the local electorate so shallow as to support him for his spectacle of support for the highly deserving Reds' first baseman?

Still, what can one expect from a man who orders his suits rumpled at the dry cleaner?

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