Thursday, July 08, 2010

Inside the Acute Mind of Mitch

Nerdy Mitch Daniels increasingly looks like a major player on the national political stage. His interview at the self-consciously nerdy Five Books shows why.

On a national political stage where politicians of all stripes seem to be taking their lines one by one from a (tele)prompter, Daniels articulates a coherent political philosophy. Better still, he demonstrates how the philosophy gets translated into action, as in reducing the number of state employees in Indiana to the same level as in 1979.

For those who wonder and lack the initiative to click on the link, Daniels's five books include Hayek and Friedman, the wizards who devised the elixir that will restore vigor to our moribund Republic.

We urge Daniels to ditch his comb-over for a cool crewcut and get visible for 2012. In the SWNIDish view, any combination of Daniels, Chris Christie and Paul Ryan has the potential to bring another blessed Morning in America.

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JB in CA said...

It's interesting to note, as Joe Carter points out at First Thoughts, that Daniels was asked to name his five top conservative books, and he responded by naming five books written by libertarians promoting libertarian positions—and to top it off, he (Daniels) agreed that he should have included Hayek’s “Why I’m Not a Conservative” on the list.