Friday, November 12, 2010

Counting Noses on the Deficit Commission

Two reasons to affirm SWNIDish views on the Deficit Commission's proposals:

1. The WSJ's immaculate editorial board affirms the potent wisdom of their recommendations, albeit with proper scorn for the static scoring of tax matters (for the uninitiated, the commission assumes the same economic growth regardless of tax rates and so doesn't factor economic growth as a way of adding tax revenue, even though historically it's the best [only?] way to get more real dough to DC).

2. Paul Krugman, who is currently engaged in a performance-art parody of an unhinged celebrity academic, hates the commission's recommendations, like most lefties, it seems.

The right people like. The wrong people hate. There it is: a cooly rational case for a political decision.

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JB in CA said...

To be honest (sort of), I can't figure out how the right people and the wrong people ever decide what to believe on any given issue, since each side, it seems, must first find out what the other believes, so it can take the opposite position. Normally, of course, that would lead to an infinite regress, and neither side would ever believe anything. But, then, politics isn't all that normal.