Wednesday, November 03, 2010

More Stuff to Watch For, Plus SWNIDish Guesses

Will Nancy Pelosi decide that it's time to spend more time with her family, will she lead her party's delegation in the minority, or will she serve faithfully on the backbenches?

Will Dems return Harry Reid as Majority Leader or turn to Chuck Schumer in frustration?

In his 1 p.m. press conference Wednesday, will BHO owe up to failure as a communicator of the value of his policies or owe up to failure as a formulator of policies?

For each of the choices above, we think the first alternative will obtain. For the first question, this is clearly best for the Pelosi family and for the family of humanity. For the second question, those who would celebrate Reid's shameful defeat should consider that Schumer is demonstrably a bigger irritant than the present Majority Leader. For the third, there's really no doubt about what the President will do, given what he's done.

But we can also expect him to blame the dirty money that undermined the aura of his awesomeness, plus the refusal of Rs to say anything but no.

In other words, this dismal campaign season will continue indefinitely, but without Nana Nancy.

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Q said...

This evening, the Wednesday after election night, I heard Sen. Dick Durbin say the reason why Dems did so poorly is they "didn't go far enough" with issues like healthcare, and stimulus spending.