Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Something to Consider While Shoveling "Climate Change"

So there's this British dude, Piers Corbyn, who has been more right about long-term weather forecasting in the UK than the Queen's meteorologists. Seems he does it by studying the sun.

Seems the sun might have a lot to do with how warm it is on earth. Who knew?

Seems he is predicting the possibility of a mini ice age by mid-century, or maybe even a real one.

Is it time to burn more coal?


T said...

Larry Niven wrote a novel called Fallen Angels that incorporates that idea as a minor plot device.

Christine said...

Astronomers have known since ancient times that there is a connection between sunspots and the weather.

All I can say is, fire up the SUV, breed more methane belching cattle and build more coal plants. It's cold out there!