Saturday, December 04, 2010

Wikileaks to Expose Area 51!

SWNID has little to say about the Wikileaks revelations, inasmuch as they simply tell us what we've always known to be true: that world leaders speak poorly of each other in private, that Foggy Bottom is always trying but seldom succeeding in the influencing of global events, that people are untrustworthy, and all that fallen-human-nature, limits-of-power stuff.

But we think it's time to characterize the antiheroic Julian Assange not just as an alleged international sex criminal but as a kook. To wit: the Daily Mail quotes Assange as asserting that he will soon dump docs about UFOs.

Wikileaks has been a sort of journalistic abstract painting: the viewer sees what the viewer wants to see. Assange, on the other hand, has all along been a maladjusted, manipulative, narcissistic nut-job. Let us now therefore ridicule him, which doubtless is the one thing that will frustrate him most in his quest for notoriety.

Parents, this is why, if you get rich, you want to leave your fortune to charity. Otherwise, your progeny might spend their legacy on public fecklessness like Wikileaks.


JB in CA said...

This wouldn't be an attempt by SWNID to discredit the upcoming WikiLeaks document dump on a major American financial institution (B of A?) would it?

Anonymouse said...

You Sir,

Are an idiot, most likely a right wing republican that believes everything he his told. To cease further pollution of the gene pool and to help ensure the next generation is smarter than the current, you should cease procreation activities and then kill yourself.


The rest of the world

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

Do people still surf blogs so that they can flame the blogger with witty insults like "right-wing Republican"? How 2008!

Sorry, A-mouse, but the deed is done. The SWNIDish progeny are launched as young adults of accomplishment and industry. And we managed that monogamously, as you probably feared.

Thanks for rhetoric that reminds us so warmly of junior high. And that confirms that most liberals are closeted eugenicists.

We wish you liberty and equality, even if you reject the fraternity.

Anonymous said...