Tuesday, April 05, 2011


The GOP isn't serious about tackling the budget. They're just nibbling on the edges, like Public Broadcasting, to keep their base stirred up.

So we've heard it said. But it ought not be said any more.

The intrepid and indefatigable Paul Ryan has introduced for public consumption a budget that directly addresses the most essential problem of present governance. It's not just that it'll save $4-5 trillion (explanation: the number after which, we hope, Obama doesn't know what comes) in a decade-ish period. It's because of what even David Brooks says:

The Ryan budget will put all future arguments in the proper context: The current welfare state is simply unsustainable and anybody who is serious, on left or right, has to have a new vision of the social contract.

Since the late 1970s SWNID has been waiting for the triumph of Jack-Kemp conservatism. In Kemp's protege Paul Ryan, we may begin to see it take shape. At last, opportunity for all, help for the helpless, and at an affordable price!

Not that this is the parousia or something. But it's a sight better than what we've had since 1929.

Note well: as a citizen under the magic age of 55, SWNID has much to "lose" personally in this gambit. We say, bring it on! We're more than ready to trade our client relationship with the Federal Godfather for some responsible liberty, where people can live within their means and not use the ballot to beg for favors.


Tom_KY said...

Looking forward to watching the congressman pursue this attempt. Best of luck to him!

Christine said...

I have so little faith in our current system that I doubt real reform will occur. We'll get a few cuts - just enough to keep things going and then people will start talking about a "reform dividend" and spend it five times over.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

Someone would pay money for the rights to the phrase "reform dividend."

Once there was a man named Coolidge. It could happen again.

Anonymous said...
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