Monday, April 18, 2011

Thought Questions

Paul Ryan's "radical" proposal on Medicare is to (a) make it a subsidy for private insurance; (b) means test for the size of the benefit.

As to the former, present Medicare recipients must either pay for many costs out of pocket or buy supplemental insurance. In 2500 words or less, explain the qualitative difference between the status quo and Ryan's alternative that makes sense of the claim that Ryan is selling out the most vulnerable.

As to the latter, explain in 2500 words or less how means-testing benefits so that the poor get more and the rich get less will victimize the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

For both, explain how phasing this plan in for those under the age of 55 is an egregious breaking of America's social covenant. Use as many words as the issue deserves.

Bonus: explain why it is better for everyone to tax the rich rather than limiting their entitlement payments. Use as many words as were actually read by those who voted for the ObamaCare bill.

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