Wednesday, August 03, 2011

It Pays to Be Smarter Than Jesus

Bloomberg has a timely and significant article on the measure of boodle available to those who pander to expectations of the Rapture. We leave it to gentle readers to scan the article for details.

Various points can be discussed from all this, but there's one that we'd stress above all. It is the underappreciated but obvious fact that the expectation of a secret rapture of the church before a period of tribulation that precedes Jesus' return is of very recent theological origin (19th century), does not represent the historic view of Christians and is not the view of most people today who believe the Bible and study it professionally. To put it more succinctly: you can be a Christian, affirm that Jesus will return, and have no belief whatsoever in the secret rapture.

Christianity is not as dumb as some of its adherents make it appear, and as many of its opponents wish it to be.

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fhm said...

Thanks for your recent post. I wish that more Christians could take a dispassionate, biblical look at the secret rapture teaching and relegate it to the "sanctified fiction" pile where it belongs. God bless.
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