Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Adults

They happen to be Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan.

Ryan months ago proposed a plan that initiated the honest discussion that is now leading to the fiscal pact about to be enacted. And what he proposed is still better than anything proposed since.

Rubio yesterday on the Senate floor offered the most cogent analysis of the situation that we've heard:

Too bad they're still too inexperienced to lead a national ticket. In the best case, they can do so in 2020. In the worst, in 2016.


Chicago Jake said...

Wow! Well said!

JB in CA said...

I'm not sure where Rubio gets his figures, but it looks like his 300 billion in spending/120 billion in borrowing per month is off by a considerable margin. The estimate for FY 09 is closer to 312/118. For Fy 10, 350/108. For FY 11, 372/137. For FY 12, 426/92. And for FY 13, 474/64. (These were taken from the conservative site, which culled them from a number of official government publications.) These figures were tabulated before the recent agreement and don't support Rubio's claim that we were heading in the wrong direction (unless, of course, everything after FY 09 is ignored). He is a good speaker, though.