Tuesday, July 05, 2011

BHO Attempts Dynasty Building

Joe Biden is out. Andy Cuomo is in. So sayeth the NY Post.

Given all factors there can be in a veep choice (balancing a ticket ideologically or regionally are the other issues, and Cuomo offers nothing for either), BHO's reasons are clear. Biden will not succeed to the throne after two BHO terms. Cuomo has presumptively presidential political potency and is young enough to lead his party for eight years.

We bet on this happening and will not take a bet against it succeeding. With every passing day, the GOP thinks wistfully of 1996, when it had a candidate of decent stature to lose against an embattled Democratic incumbent.

At Aspen Bill Clinton epitomized the situation well. Obama has enough to run on and not much to run against. He'll likely win.

We think that's especially the case because as the campaign wears on, voters in swing states (PA, FL, OH) that will decide the election will opt for the safe choice as they are underwhelmed by the alternative.

Those who care about governance, not just politics, still have something to do in 2012: elect a Republican-led Senate and re-elect a Republican House and Republican statehouses and governors' mansions. Divided we stand!

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