Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Roast the Wild Goose

It's worse than first described.

The Economist, believe it or not, offers a retrospective on Wild Goose. We doubt that the correspondent was trying to mischaracterize the event, so let's say that a thoughtful reader of the article would probably write "syncretism" in its margin.

Oh, and dumb Christian theology also. Note well that in all the church's historical disputes about the rite of baptism, a self-administered bath has never been countenanced, inasmuch as the act is supposed to signify something done to the helpless sinner. Not so at Wild Goose.

Note well, gentle readers, that said correspondent aptly describes the "emergent" folk as disaffected evangelicals, implying that many are disaffected because of personal problems with Dad and Mom. Emergent/emerging Christianity is like rock and roll, which has been aptly defined as "music that adolescents like because their parents hate it."


JB in CA said...

Didn't George Foreman baptize himself in the shower?

CW@UW said...

1) Maybe the reporter, unfamiliar with the finer points of Christian sacraments, misunderstood the purpose of the baptismal buckets. Maybe, but probably not.

2) Note average hair color of photographed individuals.

3) The one commendable feature of the festival as described is the beer garden hymn sing. Why hasn't the evangelical church thought of this?