Saturday, December 10, 2011

The 2012 Election in a Sentence

The polls announce grim news for BHO and Democrats. Significant majorities reject the President's handling of the economy, saying that he doesn't deserve a second term. Included in the latter is one in five self-identified Democrats.

Therefore, listen well to this longish sequence from MSNBC's Morning Joe, ostensibly a daily pep-rally for the left. The mood is somber, not least when GOP solon Peggy Noonan agrees with remarks from her Democrat counter parts that many Democrats have vowed to vote for the Republican, regardless of who the Republican is.

So, the election in a sentence:

Republicans win unless they blow it.


Chief Grinder said...

You must not watch Morning Joe much if you think it is "ostensibly a daily pep-rally for the left." Some days yes but there are just as many where it is that for the right. They actually are one of the few places left on TV where there is at least some attempt for balance.

sandman said...

I just accidentally found you're blog trying to figure out the exact wording of your eponymous proverb. I suppose you mean it to be a bit tongue in cheek, at least I hope as it is a saying I that seems to describe the worst kind of close minded prigs. As a result I felt compelled to comment.

The left's problem with BHO, as I see it, is that they expected him to be this knight in shining armor that would right all the wrongs in America. Obviously that is impossible task for a whole slew of reasons not least of which because of the right's ridiculous road-blocking in of anything he tries to do.

That said, I think your statement that "Republicans win unless they blow it" is not just ridiculous but way after the fact. The whole Republican primary has been reduced in significance to that of the worst kind of reality television thanks to candidates' debate antics, ridiculous assertions to the media, and scandals. On top of this only two of the seven "serious" candidates even have a remote chance of nomination. One of which is a flip-flopping cult member, and the other is a pompous, abrasive, philanderer many times over who is considered 'highly intelligent' because of his use of three syllable words.

Of the others (see if you can guess) one is a infantile philanderer and perpetrator of multiple cases of sexual assault, another is a idealistically misguided reactionary racist albeit consistently so, and yet another is ignoring his dying infant child to campaign and his name is widely associated with a byproduct of anal sex. I can't think of any specific criticisms of others. Oh except have I mentioned that of these five four are self-identifying religious extremists, homophobes, nationalists and hate speech mongers. Oh yeah and all five are so moronic and misguided I wouldn't elect them to preside over a high school student government.

To conclude, in my opinion, the election in a sentence is:

Democrats win because the GOP blew it months ago.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

Person of Sand, our eponomy is not a proverb. Proverbs are pithy wisdom-sayings that make generalized observations about human experience. Ours is more of a slogan or epithet, as it applies only to us.

We applaud your astute observation that we might be just a tad sarcastic in claiming to be SWNID. We assume that you worked this out on your own, not from reading the disclaimer at the bottom of the main page. We'll let that cancel your miscategorization of the title of this blog.

Do you feel compelled to reply because you fear we are "the worst kind of closed minded" prig, or because we ridicule the same? If the former, why do you try to dialogue with the closed minded?

So many questions . . .

We won't let pass your assertion that the GOP has already lost the election. If Republican mistakes were already so serious as to decide the election a year or more in advance, BHO would be definition lead in current polls. But polls suggest that voters have yet to decide, as you already have, whether the flawed GOP candidates are all fatally flawed.

If, on the other hand, you simply mean that should the Republican nominee lose, he will lose because of flaws that are already well known, we accept that as a plausible suggestion, still insisting that the candidates likely to prevail show considerable ability to compete with Obama in current polls.

We note finally that you seem quite confident of the rightness of your own assertions. Not that anyone, really, thinks otherwise about her assertions. If one thinks oneself wrong, one changes one's mind to become right.