Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mitt Leads Barack by More Than Margin of Error

Don't measure the curtains for the Lincoln Bedroom yet, but Our Man Mitt is beating BHO in the latest Rasmussen, 45% to 39%.

Given Mitt's steady hand on the tiller so far, we doubt very much that the incumbent will be able to reverse this early trend, though we do expect ups and downs from here.

Yes, Mitt is eerily like Thomas Dewey, so 1948 does come to mind. But Obama is about as far from Harry Truman as one can get.

Meanwhile, Mitt is demonstrating that no one will hold support in the GOP primaries other than Mitt. That includes especially Ron Paul, about whom WSJ's Daniel Henninger says the obvious today (as someone else will tomorrow): that Paul is a kook with no chance of responsible public office (being a Congressman who votes alone is not a responsible position, of course).

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KevinAK said...

The GOP elite's desire to annoint Mitt didn't go as planned in Iowa. You can stop looking at any Rommney/Obama polls, as the Republican nominee this year will be a REAL conservative(unlike 2008). Better get used to saying President Santorum.