Thursday, November 01, 2007

And Now the Real News: Economy Booming

Lawrence Kudlow today performs the public service of noting that GDP is way up, inflation is down, incomes are up, energy use per unit of GDP is down, and loads of other positive economic news.

You won't hear this from the MSM, who focus on sectors like housing or finance to suggest that things are awful economically. We aren't so paranoid as to think that the lefty journalists are trying to gin up discontent leading to the 08 elections. We just think that they need a story, don't really care about the bigger picture, and know that good news is no news at all.

Of course, you won't hear the Ds talk about this at all.


Hensel said...

now if we can just make it so that we don't need both parents of a middle-income family to work to comfortably support a family we're set. Until the standard of living changes I will continue to be unsatisfied with the state of the national economy. It is good news in the right direction though.

Anonymous said...

Until we reign in our expectations we will never be satisfied.

Houses have gone from 900 square feet to 2200 square feet on average just in a generation, at the same time that households are smaller (fewer people).

We want to have it all, and be able to complain about the economy and our standard of living at the same time. What we should do is cut our consumption, give more, and borrow nothing.