Friday, November 02, 2007

Telegraph's Top 100s

With all the objectivity of British journalists looking at America, the Telegraph offers lists of Top 100 Most Influential Conservatives in America and Top 100 Most Influential Liberals in America.

Number one on the lib list is Bill Clinton. That's indisputable.

Number one on the conservative list is Rudy. That's disputable, but we like it nevertheless.

A couple of observations:
  • Hitchens is listed as a conservative.
  • Schwartzenegger is listed as liberal.
  • Lieberman is on both lists.
  • Pundits appear but are generally low. We'd rank them higher, but our political activity is more reading than doing real stuff.

Our sources at the Telegraph tell us that SWNID was ranked 101 on the conservative list, just missing the cut.


Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat surprised that I didn't make the Conservative list. Mrs. Peeves has often told me that The John Birch Society and I would never get along ... because they're too liberal for me. I guess it is my overwhelming lack of influence that kept me off the list.

Of Course Andy Griffith should have made it.

Oh Well... STASM

E-LO said...

Your gentle readers are eagerly awaiting your response to this bit of news:

Anonymous said...

So does Robertson' standing in the Most Embarassing Christian poll change after his endorsement of Giuliani?

p said...

yes please do speak on Robertson' as a liability