Sunday, November 18, 2007

Longmont's LifeBridge Takes Heat for Real Estate Development

Today's Denver Post contains an intriguing and disturbing article about a real estate venture of the LifeBridge Christian Church of Longmont, Colorado, where friend of SWNID is the well-known and widely respected senior pastor.

What's intriguing is that the church is using the acumen of many of its members to pursue a real-estate development that will, if successful, finance its construction of a new campus.

What's disturbing is that despite the fact that there is no evidence of impropriety, and despite the fact that the church has a superb reputation for its service to the community, plenty of skeptics assume that the church is up to no good. To get a feel for the hysteria, read the comments, not just the article.

Obviously there's recently been enough nefarious real-estate dealing by Christians and Clintons to nurture such suspicions. We just pray that Rusaw and crew can live in such a way as to demonstrate their critics mistaken.


Andrew Uchtman said...

I think the method for raising the funds for a new building is genius. Especially if it works. If it does not work, it is still inventive and hats off for that.

As far as people being upset, I feel it is a shame that if a Christian Church, or any religious organization, develops land to raise money then it is viewed in a negative way. Whereas if a corporation, Christian or not, led the project it may be viewed as simply another development. I can only wonder the comments from the Longmont residents had this been a development from a nearby LDS church, Synagogue, or people of the Islam faith.

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