Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Confronting Evil Provokes Theism?

At Pajamas TV, Roger L. Simon has an interesting video monologue about his encounter with Iranian President Ahmadinejad in Geneva. We'd embed, but the provider doesn't facilitate it.

We find the video interesting not so much because of its politics as its theology. Simon describes himself a life-long agnostic or atheist. But encountering Ahmadinejad, he says, forced him to apply the term "evil" to what he witnessed, not merely a clinical term like "sociopath." And if evil exists, he infers that there must be good. And if good exists, there must be someone who oversees it all.

Simon apologizes for offering what he says lacks rationality. We insist that he's being most rational. What the human creature seeks distinctly as a human happens to be just what God seems to offer in Himself. Why label that discovery irrational when our rational minds observe and infer our way to that conclusion?

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Matt Coulter said...

Well said. Ol' Ravi Zacharias could not state it any simpler than you have.