Wednesday, September 09, 2009

And on the Day of Obama's Big Speech . . .

Republican spokesmodel Sarah Palin channels an opinion column in WSJ. The piece is well ghost-written in the SWNIDish view and offers incisive critique of the President's healthcare proposals and nonproposals.

We note the article not because it is notable in itself but because, appearing on this notable day, it reflects a notable reality and will elicit a notably predictable reaction.

The reality: the Rs essentially have no one on their bench right now except Palin. So she's up to bat when the Prez is on the mound. This must change if we are to have change we can believe in in 2012.

The predictable reaction: the left will . . .
  • draw attention to the palpable fact that Palin didn't personally write this piece, ignoring the palpable fact that no politician whose by-line has appeared in the WSJ or any other major news outlet in the last generation has personally written their pieces.
  • accuse her of dealing in demonstrable falsehoods by using the phrase "death panels" yet again, not acknowledging that she uses the phrase with ironic self-reference and context the differentiates between proposing a "death panel" directly and setting in motion forces that will make such entities likely outcomes.
  • dismiss all objections to Obamacare as the false and divisive rhetoric emanating from the mouths of such bona fide numbskulls as Ms. Palin, ignoring the substantial body of evidence and expert opinion that the column reflects.
Still, we think the issue is over, though the shouting will continue. Ds think they need better tactics to get something passed. They simply can't acknowledge what 75 years of political history show: the Republic rejects government financing of health insurance. The Democratic Left has a bad product, not a bad marketing strategy. Ds are not being undermined by Wascally Wepublicans. The Rs are mostly inept presently. They're being undermined by their own bad idea.

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