Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Kind of World Is It Where . . .

  • The President of the United States delivers a speech prompting praise from Fidel Castro?
  • Canada shows exclusive North-American mettle by planning to walk out on Holocaust-denying Mahmoud Ahamadinejad's upcoming UN speech?
  • Not the head of a democratic state but reformed state terrorist Mamound Gadhafi castigates the UN for its impotence to stop some 65 wars?
  • The only head of state willing to say that a climate-change summit was a sham is the President of the tiny Czech Republic?
  • The American President and his State Department place sanctions on a tiny, poor nation whose in independent judiciary and legislature had taken action against its executive for unconstitutional exercise of power while conspiring with a large, relatively wealthy nation to return that executive to power?
Answer: a world in which dictatorships are celebrated and allies scorned, where the fashions of the left and the faults of the American Experiment are dogma.

This is not what Americans thought they were voting for in November 2008.


Brendt said...

Well, it IS change.

Anonymous said...

Weak in leadership.

Matt said...

Here's one more:

Congressmen have proposed a resolution to provide (those same) Congressmen 72 hrs to read the bill before voting on the bill.

caress said...

Clearly not all of these things stemmed from the US elections, regardless of how much Americans think the world revolves around them. And as far as celebrating dictators, this is nothing new... we did it all through the cold war, propping up/celebrating dictators with our tax dollars who agreed to be anti-communist. Nothing new under the sun, really.

Jim Shoes said...

If it's true that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, there was at least a national-interest rationale, however amoral, for propping up pro-Western dictators during the Cold War. What's the rationale for propping up Zelaya? He's just an autocrat in the making.