Saturday, December 05, 2009

Political-Economic Education in Comic-Book Form

Friedrich Hayek's The Road to Serfdom is a classic of political and economic analysis. But who has time to read it?

So, Look Magazine (Motto: We were the first to demonstrate that print media was obsolete!) helpfully presents the contents of the Austrian genius's work in an illustrated brochure.

Note that it is not necessary to see every step of Hayek's scenario as inevitable, simply that one step did indeed lead to another in the rise of totalitarianism and that the same assumptions will have similarly disastrous results whenever they are applied. So his tale is not strictly predictive but cautionary: people aren't smart enough or good enough to plan centrally, so leave them mostly alone.

We gladly accept gentle readers' thanks for drawing attention to this up-to-the-minute resource.

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Aaron Burgess said...

A very libertarian post! I hear it more and more in your comments. Check out this discussion on the Road to Serfdom I was engaged in this summer. Also provided is a good review of some aspects of Hayek's philosophy of economics.