Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poll: Americans Nostalgic for Good Old Days of Dubya

Bloomberg reports interesting polling data today.

Americans approve of Obama's surge in Afghanistan. His approval numbers on the Afghan War are up to 52% from 42% a year ago. Not bad for a drawn-out, foreign war.

Meanwhile, disapproval of the healthcare initiative stands at 47%, versus 32% who approve.

In sum, America likes BHO when he follows Dubya's approach and dislikes it when he does what Dubya didn't do. That's tough for a guy who continues to campaign against his predecessor.


Anonymous said...

nothing for 3 weeks, i'm not sure how i am supposed to feel about this

PGar said...

Once BHO was in the hot-seat of the much criticized GWB, he soon realized that GWB wasn't so wrong all these years. But taking into account he campaigned against GWB promoting "change", he must still maintain a facade of criticism because his pride won't allow him to admit that maybe "change" wasn't all that much needed. Yes...I miss GWB as I knew I would. By the way, and what has Obama accomplished this year?!? Oh yeah, absolutely nothing....