Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Which Is Most Likely?

Some items possibly in the news soon:

  • Sarah Palin is signed by the Fox Network as a judge for American Idol.
  • Simon Cowell leaves American Idol to run for Governor of Alaska.
  • NBC invites SWNID to host a talk show at 10 p.m. weeknights.
  • Republican Scott Brown is elected by the People's Republic of Taxachusetts to the "Kennedy seat" of the US Senate, thereby ending the Democrats ephemeral supermajority and scuttling ObamaCare.
Brown leads the Dem in the latest (Democratic!) poll, albeit by a slim margin. Worse for Dems is the unenthusiastic state of their constituency in the bluest of states, not to mention the widely held assumption--based on unassailable facts--that states like MA will subsidize states like NE in the present bill. Meanwhile, BHO presently has no plans to campaign for the Democrat Coakley, apparently not wanting to risk the Presidential awesomeness on a potential loser. The strategy presently is an original one: link Brown to Dubya and Rush.

Word is that Senate Dems are considering delaying the swearing in of a Senator Brown until ObamaCare gets out of its nonconference noncommittee for a final vote. If so, we believe that Joe Lieberman will again flex his independent muscles and vote against cloture, thereby foiling the undemocratic move of the Democrats and sending ObamaCare back to ICU.

All this makes the MA special election the biggest thing since Bush v. Gore, as it could create a single Senate vote as momentous as Edmund G. Ross's.

Finally, something interesting.

Now back to our hermit's cave.


Alva Lee said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing again. I missed having your perspective on our crazy political world, your satire, and some wild ideas that might work, i.e. your 10:00 pm talk show!!

Alva Lee Harley

Anonymous said...

welcome back


rob said...

Does IDES have plans to help in Haiti?

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

Rob, in short, yes. IDES m.o. is to receive specific project requests from missionaries on the ground and fund them as rapidly as possible. There are always very keenly focused requests that come to IDES in situations like this, and very quickly. IDES has been involved in Haiti extensively over the years, so the network there is strong. All donations received for Haitian earthquake relief will be directed to longer-term relief and rebuilding in the coming months.