Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Response to Haitian Earthquake: Give to IDES

Dust is literally settling in Haiti, and we expect that daylight and satellites will begin to reveal to the outside world the epic tragedy of the Port-au-Prince earthquake.

What to do? The US military, that most pilloried of global institutions, will doubtless be the main deliverer of short-term relief. They've got the logistics to get food, water, medical care, and temporary shelter to the most people in the least time.

Rebuilding for recovery will be done privately, and away from the limelight. That's where SWNIDish citizens ought to be involved.

We heartily recommend donations to International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES).* IDES will channel donations through Christian missionaries in Haiti, all of whom know their communities and culture well and can make the donations go a long, long way for the people most in need.

*In the interests of full disclosure, we remind gentle readers that we are a board member of IDES, for which we receive no tangible compensation but a boatload of personal satisfaction.

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