Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Firsthand Report from Haiti

Here's a message sent late Wednesday from Salonique Adolphe. Salonique is based on Gonaives, at the edge of the earthquake's reach, but he is in touch with Port-au-Prince and connected to many there.

Greetings my dear brothers and sisters,
I want to thank all of you who were praying for us while we were undertaking the scary task of looking for people, assessing the situation and distribute, little as it was, water and crackers to the people.
First praise be to God because we found Bea, my sister in a bus headed to Gonaives while we were leaving L'Estere. What we did was we stop all buses we met who were headed to Gonaives. We were fortunate to find her in the third one we met. Thanks to all of you who prayed. She is safe. No visible hurt. No harm.
We paid her fair and she continued her way to Gonaives and we continued our way to Port-au-Prince. The addresses that were able to have access to, we found all except two. They were in class at their college when the earthquake hit, and they are among the missing.
I have seen some terrible situation and circumstances in my life: I remember how things were when Baby Doc (Jean Claude Duvalier) left the country, I remember minor earthquake that we had, especially in 94, I remember Hurricane Jeanne in 2004 and most recently Hurricanes Hanna and Ike in 2008, but one can put all those terrible events together and one would still be far from being in the situation where Port-au-Prince, thus Haiti is in today.
I mean dead bodies are all over. Port-au-Prince is an open grave yard. All the dead are laid on the ground in the streets. The most fortunate ones are covered with a white sheet, the rest who knows? It is a very concervative number to talk about 100,000 deaths. Destroyed vehicles. Destroyed houses, many, many houses are destroyed. It is heart wrenching. Those who hurt face a critical situation as there is no hospital who can receive more people to take care of them. In some instances, there are no medication. I had with me a bag full of medical supplies that my wife Gine gave me to give to whomever, we gave them to Red Cross. They were very happy to receive them and we were very happy to give it to them. Thanks to brother Dennis Smith. Now there the 2 millions people who need counselling, who need comfort, encouragement. I wish I could have here a thousand of my sister Regina Green to help them out. Getting healing for the physical pain is one thing, but get healing from the emotional pain, the trauma is not for tomorrow. Please pray for these people.
On our way to Port-au-Prince, we bought a good amound of bags of water and bottled water, crackers to distribute. We did it and everything went smoothly in spite of the fear we had when we were getting ready to distribute. Manno and Fevrier came with the bright idea of just bring them to the tents and give each pack to one person to share. It went smoothly. We praise God for that.
I was desvastated also when I saw Wall International Guest House. The first building is completely gone and they lost some dear souls. Please pray for Veniel and his wife and his co workers as they are trying to help many in this situation.

On our way back, my car broke down right before we entered Cabaret which used to be called Cabaret. Manno said there is nothing we could do for it without specific tools and time and setting; We had to leave it at the compound of the soldiers of Minustah who promise they will be watching over it. We then board a tap tap, from the tap tap to the very high top of a bus, because there was no place inside.
My friends in spite the wind we made it home safely. We praise God for that and we thank you for praying for us.

But arriving here, I met with two very bad news: Sister Robinson and her daugther, her unique child, died in Port-au-Prince as a result of the earthquake. Living Water family hits very bad. The second bad news is one of our student at the highschool was in Port-au-Prince at the moment of the earthquake and a wall fell on her. She is still alive, but they say she will not be able to survive it because it was too terrible. Pray for those two families.

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