Thursday, January 13, 2011

Man Bites Dog: Preacher Apologies for Inaccurate, Embellished Anecdote

Messiah College history prof John Fea chronicles what may be a first: a prominent preacher has apologized for circulating a historical anecdote with multiple historical inaccuracies about it.

The preacher in question is Dudley Rutherford of California's Shepherd of the Hills megachurch, and president of the upcoming North American Christian Convention.

We like this, a lot, though it puts pressure on us should we ever deviate from SWNIDishness and commit an error.

Lesson to be re-learned: if you don't like being treated as a stereotype, don't act like one. Christians and clergypersons, if you want secular respect, don't play the hypocrite. Take it like a disciple when they ridicule your loyalty to that Jesus guy, but don't let them rightly call you an evildoer. 1 Peter and all that.

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