Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mitch is "75% In"

Mitch Daniels, the Coolidge of the New Millennium, is making the rounds in DC. Pubbies in Indy say he's "75% in" for a presidential run in the Year the World Ends.

BHO v. My Man Mitch is an exquisitely interesting matchup, prospectively as stimulating as the JFK v. Goldwater campaign that tragically never happened.


KevinAK said...

According to a fringe group in CA Jesus is returning on May 21 first of this year, so Mitch's services will not be needed.

We have our first contender for most emabarrassing Christian for SWINDS superlatives of 2011

Keith Wood said...

I could get really excited about a Mitch Daniels canadicy. I mean really excited!

Adam Rosebrock said...

While I really like Mitch Daniels, I see him as a bit too boring to do well in a run for the White House. I like to be excited by candidates (Sarah Palin, for example).

Dr. Love said...

Adam, no need to be explicit, well read children might be accessing this blog.

Christine said...

Mitch Daniels almost makes Indiana look like an attractive state in which to reside. But then I'll drive through again on my way south and be cured of any such ideas. I'd vote for him for pres.

Unfortunately, he won't win unless he's running against Biden.