Monday, May 02, 2011

An OBL Post-Mortem Potpourri

We don't have the cognitive wherewithal to watch multiple channels of news coverage, but for our money Al Jazeera English is doing a fine, fine job of bringing together the issues on the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

And the key questions are: (1) What does this mean for US-Pakistan relations and Pakistan's involvement in anti-terror activities? (2) What effect will this have on the direction of the "Arab Spring"?

On 1, we're glad that Pakistani forces participated but wonder how many officials knew that OBL was under their noses.

On 2, we're guessing that this will further marginalize what a friend calls "the caliphate crowd." Folks want to be modern, at least most folks.

It's fitting that OBL lived to see in Muslim countries a nascent movement not toward caliphate but toward democracy. We'd say that's what really killed him, with all the props we can give to the intrepid Navy Seals who generously ushered him into his future and buried his remains at sea.

And as many wish that Dubya had made the fateful announcement, we remind gentle readers that his invasion of Iraq is likely the necessary impetus to the democratic movement sweeping the Middle East. Mission Accomplished indeed!


Alex L said...

Helpful summary for me as I deal w/ my own reactions and those of others

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Giving Bush credit for the Arab Spring? Ass inine

Jim Shoes said...

Some people believe that effects have causes: like overthrowing a dictator and allowing free elections in Iraq shows Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen that it can be done. As opposed to assuming that the yearning for liberty is strictly cultural and shouldn't be forced on people--another manifestation of the left's soft bigotry of low expectations.

Oh, sorry! Bush said that. How stupid to bring it up!

Still, thanks for the well-reasoned and eloquent refutation, Anon. That's why people like me read this blog: for thoughtful, poetic comments like yours.