Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Do You Shame Someone with No Shame?

Bin Laden's son says that his father's burial at sea is a "humiliation" for his family.

This gentleman's father was the leader of a global terror network that killed thousands of people, mostly Muslims, in the name of Islam. He saw killing innocents as a legitimate way to advance what he saw, against the traditions of his own religion and many other points of view, as the truth. He used women and children as shields for his activities--if not, as first reported, in his final moments, then certainly in his most routine tactical moves.

But it's the mode of his burial that humiliates the family, multiple wives and all.

And so he threatens to sue in American courts--in the very system that his father denounced as corrupt and godless.

Thanks, Omar Bin Laden, for this insight into the mind of jihadist terrorism.

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