Saturday, June 25, 2011

Become a Political Anthropologist!

For a glimpse of the politically exotic, we recommend a trip to These dudes hold to every hardline left position there is, with a take-no-prisoners kind of vengeance that makes the breath come in short pants.

We especially recommend that one take the "candidates survey," by which the organization hopes to identify True-Blue Progressives to give Americans what they truly want.

Apparently our nation is a mess because Democrats are compromising wimps about everything.

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Micah said...

Their mission page says:

"Another spent $47,000 to retain a media firm that never produced a single TV ad. Another spent $40,000 on field consultants – enough to pay 10 field staffers for two months, but which only bought a few hand-holding consultant calls. And others wasted thousands of dollars and weeks of staff time designing C-rate websites."

Sounds like these guys are a natural fit for the democratic party.