Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Francis Chan Is a Campbellite!

Maybe better than a Campbellite:

The last time SWNID heard something this good on the subject, we were in a Baptist church in Scotland. It seems that the best sermons on the Campbellite theology are delivered by non-Campbellites.

In our non-blogging life, we've written about the growing consensus around what the Stone-Campbell Movement has historically said about baptism. Chan is now a notable example. Thanks, St. Francis! See you at the NACC!


Matt Coulter said...

"It seems that the best sermons on the Campbellite theology are delivered by non-Campbellites."

I think this is true because, just like the Campbell's, this view comes to them through simple study of God's Word. It isn't the answer they are looking for. It is simply where God leads their study. A heart desperate for Truth will find it by the Lord's will.

Expository preaching Rocks! But hopefully it challenges others to open the Word and see it themselves otherwise they will believe whatever they hear.

Christian said...

SWNID, it took you this long to figure that out? Well, I guess you are getting old... :)

Thaudit said...

Tis again a matter of proper use of systematic theology, something CoC/Christian churches are on the verge of heterodoxy on- and biblical theology. Francis is thankfully strong in the latter. But, we cannot talk to another professing Christian b/c of our disdain (from the beginning) for systematizing truth.
I've heard 3 "scholars" in CoC/CC circles say that the doctrine of the "trinity" is not true (modalism???!!!) because the term is not in the bible. That's not a proper emphasis on biblical theology, that's heresy!
All anabaptists save the poor Servetus and crew believed Father God sent a Son, Jesus Christ! And that the Holy Spirit is a "He".
It's these mutated applications of supposed biblical theology that causes this brotherhood to be further trivialized as an ineffective, non- true mutation of real Christianity.