Thursday, June 02, 2011

College, too easy for its own good

College, too easy for its own good

Yes, it probably is in a lot of cases. Colleges have given in to the demands of their market for less engaged study and more of everything else. Mediocre students and mediocre colleges are complicit with one another in this regard.

We fully expect a bunch of sardonic affirmation, accompanied by finger pointing. So we gently point out that this situation need not materially affect any student at any college. If your courses don't demand much of you and your peers are fine with that, American college student, then go to the library and educate yourself. That's how it's always been done. The best students have never, at any institution, confined their education to the syllabus.

OK, let the rounds of self-righteous condemnation begin. Tell the world how you're so much better than those students and so superior to the place where you studied and got ripped off.


Anthony Jones said...

I actually think CCU was different in that regard. I was challenged no doubt and had to work hard all four years.

I can only speak for the biblical studies program. Not sure about other majors, but I was definitely pushed and stretched more than a lot of the students I talk to over at UC. Select programs over there are tough, like engineering or DAAP programs, but a lot of stuff over there seems pretty easy.

My favorite story is that of Kemba Walker, a basketball player for UCONN who just won the title. He graduated from UCONN in 3 years and openly admitted to having read ZERO books while in college! Lol

Micah said...

As you say, school is as hard as you make it. If you're determined to slack off, you'll be able to.

When you're putting your own money down, however, it changes things. Paying almost $100 per class period made me want something in return for my money. An easy class isn't a relief, it's a swindle.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

Think of all the classes that were worth more than you paid. It might even out a little.