Wednesday, November 30, 2005

CCU/WLW Talk Radio Idol in Finals

As noted previously, J. Todd Smith--Pentecostal preacher, Cincinnati Christian University student on the 12-years-to-graduation plan, friend of SWNID and all around excellent guy--was one of four finalists in AM 700 WLW's Talk Radio Idol competition.

We write "was" because Todd is through to the finals. In fact, he was the top vote-getter by a big margin. He faces off against the number two contestant, who trailed him by a good 12% in the first round.

Todd will appear Thursday, December 1 at 2:30 p.m. on the execrable Bill Cunningham's program. Again, we urge gentle readers to listen, by the station's protean 50,000 watt AM signal or by streaming audio available here.

And we urge gentle readers to vote, early and often. We'll post a direct link as soon as we can after it's available. If we're slow, go to and follow their links.

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Guy named Courtney said...

I would just like to note, more of a side note, that I am able to listen to 700WLW all the way up here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not just that but at least an hour north of here as well. Well done!