Monday, April 17, 2006

Barone Crunches More Numbers, And Rs Still Prevail in '06

Gentle readers have observed an unwavering SWNIDish devotion to political analyst Michael Barone, the most data-savvy pundit in the MSM.

Today Barone considers again the prospects that the House of Representatives will swing to the Ds in November. The answer is yes if the election is held in the past, when midterms tended to be referendums on presidential performance. But the answer is no if the election is held this November, when the cultural polarization of the parties, compounded by gerrymandering, makes the current distribution of votes between the parties more or less fixed.

We've been saying this for months: if the Ds want to seize the moment and take back some power, they've got to become the sensible, competent, honest wing of the Republican party. And as long as George Soros, Teddy Kennedy and Hillary Clinton walk this earth, that isn't happening.

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Bryan Dove said...

The continuing presence as such political artifacts as those you just mentioned (Clinton, Kennedy adn the like) I think sheds some favorable light on the claim of Ken Hamm and other young earthers that dinosaurs still roam the earth.