Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Hammer Is Down and Out

Big political news today as SWNID returns to near-constant blogging after a brief respite. Specifically, Tom "The Hammer" Delay (R-Corruption) has withdrawn from his reelection bid.

And not a moment too soon, in the SW opinion of this blogger. Delay may have been a skilled political operative. But the party of Lincoln is nothing without its integrity. Founded on a moral crusade (the limitation and ultimate abolition of slavery), the GOP has only wielded power effectively when it did so from a moral base. It has been best served when it cleansed itself quickly, as it did with the quick resignations House Speakers Gingrich and Livingston (who didn't quite make it to Speaker) in 1998.

Delay has always postured as a religious conservative. That includes today, as he has appeared on ... you guessed it ... Pat Robertson's 700 Club to announce his plans to end his political career. But we use the derogatory and judgmental "postured" deliberately, as we point out yet again that Delay got in trouble because of his connection to Jack Abramoff's corrupt efforts at manipulating Indian gaming licenses. So much for principles.

It will take moves like this for the Rs not just to hold power in November, but to wield it effectively thereafter. We urge other Rs with the hearts of Ds to get out while the gettin' is good, so that real Rs can run and real Ds can stay comfortably in the minority.


bryan dove said...

However, there are some benefits of having the hammer around. For instance, when making a brief appearance on FOX news this morning to say goodbye to all of his beloved supporters, the last question posed to him by his interviewer was, "Senator Cynthia McKinney claims she was a victim of racial profiling by the Capitol Hill Police, what are your feelings." The hammer replied simplied, "Cynthia McKinney IS a racist." Chuckles were had by all in the Dove household and all other who wonder if McKinney lives an alternate life as Star Jones.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

It's amazing what a politican can say when he's leaving politics. Even The Hammer wouldn't have had the nerve to call McKinney a racist when he was trying to get elected to something.

Kevin K said...

Delay's full quote was "She is a racist. Everything is about race to her".

Of course once McKinney realized public opinion was against her she couldn't back down quick enough.