Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Howard on Evangelical Higher Education

Books & Culture remains the single best source of stimulation on Christian life and thought in the SWNID experience. We heartily recommend it to those who don't read it and to those who do.

This month's issue is chock full of important stuff, but we call to everyone's attention the article by Thomas Albert Howard entitled "L'affaire Hochschild and Evangelical Colleges." Beginning with the recent story of Wheaton College's dismissal of a professor who had converted to Roman Catholicism, the article explores the stance that evangelical colleges should take toward adherents of other Christian traditions in a time when many people in divergent denominations are converging theologically and many more would benefit from considering alternative perspectives.

There are no links to the www, gentle readers, for this article must be read in its dead-tree format to preserve income for the publishers and perpetuate publication. So get it ASAP, but read the following teaser to get an idea of why you should read it.

But the problem with many evangelical colleges is not necessarily the dying of the light, but rather hiding it under a bushel, a determined attachment to the certainties of a subculture derived from fairly recent historical experience at the expense of new, promising opportunities for theological depth and ecumenical engagement.

If that sounds disturbing, exciting or impenetrable, read the article to experience more of the first two and less of the third.

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