Monday, April 24, 2006

Vote for Favorite SWNID Accoutrement

Here's a new kind of entry for SWNID.

Gentle readers can join a gravid discussion held tonight in the SWNID household. To wit: which of the following new fashion accoutrements would be most fitting and flattering to the SWNID persona?

a) pony tail
b) earring
c) soul patch
d) goatee

Please cast your votes by leaving a comment. The favored choice will be announced at the end of the week.


Dave said...

Can I vote for all of the above?

mynameisben said...

Definitely the soul patch

Rustypants said...

drat, dave! i was gonna do that!

the reality, however, is:

a) a pony tail would make you look like a sissy loser.
b) an earring would just be silly (unless it was this one)(and please don't forget: left is right and right is wrong).
c) a soul patch would be pining desperation for youth.
d) can you even grow facial hair?

the pony tail would be most academically viable. let's shoot for that.

bryan dove said...

Soul patch, but only so long as it's not meager and French-looking. If it works for Cherok, it can work for you.

bilbo said...

you should probably have an earring. i'd get a good laugh out of that.

Anonymous said...

soul patch

Mr. Bojangles said...

Definitely the Pony tail. It's 2 for the price of 1: it's formal during the day, yet when untethered it allows for wild and reckless head thrashing.

If chosen, will you go all out or settle for a mullet?

Mrs. SWNID said...

None of the above!!!!! The goatee has been tried and found wanting, and the other choices cannot be comprehended by my feeble imagination.

Anonymous said...

Start with a combover. After you complete that, then we'll talk more.

steve-o said...

I vote soul patch. As I wrote here I'm pretty sure it's still in style.

Tony Galietti said...

Pony tails are for the hipies of the 60's and 70's. Earrings came into fashion in the 80's. The ninties were characterized by bleached hair and goatess. The soul patch is the answer for a new millenium.

Mark (the elder) said...

Absolutely definitely the ponytail, with a simple single gold earring. The patch goes over your eye. Full face beard, with smoking pieces of cannon fuse tied in strategically, yet arrr-tfully. With regard to accessorization, pistols and cutlass are de rigeur; parrots are optional, and probably over the top.

I predict this as the new sartorial standard for all conservative bloggers.

Kevin K said...

I find myself in shock that I am in agreement with Mrs. Swnid in her vote for none of the above.

The SWIND blog stands for intellectual stimulation(even though I don't always agree with the opinion expressed herein). Any affectations of "trendiness" would very likely diminish said blog.

Daughter if SWIND said...

Definitely the earring. It makes it seem like you were at least once cool and it doesn't make it seem like you're trying to hard to be cool now. Of course, a tatoo would work too.

css said...

Soul patch. . .hands down.

RIV said...

Instead of conjecture on what might look best on SWNID, I chose a more scientific approach: WWMJFD?
What would Michael J. Fox do. I did a search on Yahoo for pictures of MJF and found that he has changed his appearance surprisingly little over his career. No earrings, no ponytails, no soul patches. I did find one very small picture of what appears to be Mr. J Fox with a goatee. It is a very weak goatee at best and apparently Was removed not long after this picture was taken, which seems to indicate that it did not go over very well. the picture can be found here.

I did however, find a picture that I believe, if SWNID were to emulate, would give off a presence that I'm sure he strives for. This accessory stands for things such as wisdom, wholesomeness, and productivity.
So my vote is for the milk mustache.

Anonymous said...

Goatee. It would go well with the sax.

Dave O.

Anonymous said...

Or how about an eye patch? Aarrrgh!

Dave O.