Monday, October 23, 2006

Kaplan: Withdrawal Risks Genocide; Miniter: Media Has It Wrong

Atlantic editor Robert Kaplan, who has provided brilliantly informative articles on the American military throughout the war on terror, has posted on the magazine's web site a most sober and sane assessment of the way forward in Iraq.

In sum, withdrawal risks genocide in Iraq. The alternative is to engage Iraq's neighbors in preventing such an outcome.

We're not sure about the alternative. But we are confident of the risk in withdrawal.

Meanwhile, we remain intrigued that there are still responsible journalists like Richard Miniter, a freelancer formerly of the Wall Street Journal, who can write books proclaiming what his latest does. Disinformation : 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror argues that the situation in Iraq is not as altogether awful as one might conclude from the MSM, which relies on Sunni Iraqis largely connected to the old Baathist regime. For a taste, you can hear an interview with the author by Tavis Smiley here (use IE for this; you'll get an awful effect with Firefox).

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Guy named Courtney said...

The sad thing is, most of even educated America believes that all of Iraq is falling to this. That is simply not the case, the is still sectarian violence that is limited to certain areas of the country. But I guess you have to do whatever you want for votes...I hate the media.