Friday, October 06, 2006

Three Must-Reads

Lilies don't need to be gilded. Certain essays don't need explanation or comment. Today we recommend three, with the briefest of tasty quotations:

Nobel laureate Milton Friedman succinctly updates the world on the economic lesson of Hong Kong and how it is prospectively being unlearned by the island's Chinese masters. From the gargantuan granddaddy of the free market: "The ultimate fate of China depends, I believe, on whether it continues to move in Hong Kong's direction faster than Hong Kong moves in China's.... [Hong Kong] provides a lasting model of good economic policy for others who wish to bring similar prosperity to their people."

Reagan and Bush 41 staffer Peggy Noonan reviews Bob Woodward's State of Denial and--to her own surprise--reviews it appreciatively. From the impeccable Ms. Noonan: "History is human."

The always necessary Charles Krauthammer lays to rest the debate about the leaked and released National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq. His aphorism, which he humbly styles a truism: "During all wars we are by definition less safe -- and the surest way back to safety is victory."

The truth, as a strange character once said, is out there.

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Tim said...

I don't know if you've come up with a solution for the loss of Medved's program from the tri-state area but if not I've found that offers podcasts of many conservative commentators, here's the link.